Cosmic Transformation

For decades and permanent educated by Barbara Luetgebrune
Healing Art for human, animal, plant and environment


Further education at Lightacademy Hamburg by Dr. Barbara Flemming /
Light Body Process after Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (ORIN & DABEN)

Dance- and Movementtherapy – Bodywork

Depth psycholigical and multidimensional / Qualification at Dancetherapiecenter Berlin

Shamanic Work

Further education at THE SACRED TRUST by Simon Buxton / South England
Power Animal Retrievals, Body Part Retrievals, Soul Retrievals, Extraction Work, Integration Journeys

Business Coaching

For women and men global on the way /
Professionel development at COATRAIN Hamburg

Intuitive Coaching and Bee-Coaching

Private and commercial in resonance with the subtle, ethereal levels and
the actual information levels for a fulfilled, healthy life


SRF L.A. Kalifornien